So, I just finished listening to a book I got from the public library, Overdrive section, and I wanted to share it with you.  With as many people as I could possibly reach actually.  Especially anyone dealing with feelings of inadequacy. Like me…

The premise of the book is that we, as faulty humans, need to let go of trying to be everything to everyone.  Let go of trying to be in charge of our lives.  Let go of striving for perfection.  Quite simply because we are faulty, complicated, and full of imperfections.  She’s not suggesting that we “check out” on life however.  On the contrary, the author says that we need to be more present.  Draw closer to Christ and live in His “enough-ness”.

This book spoke to me because I have been drifting between “numbing out” and “striving in my own strength” too long.  I have missed the boat on what it means to be a Christian in so many ways.  I have been forgetting to draw close to the God who saved me.  He is enough… He is my Savior… He is worthy of all praise and all honor… He deserves my time that I have been spending in the worldly pursuits of “self fulfillment” and “depression”.  My God came to this earth to dwell with me!  Let that sink in because He came here for you too.  Don’t you think that we should get to know Him better?  Spend time alone with Him.  Let Him do the heavy lifting in our lives by learning to be in His presence.

Thank you Lord for the revelation that Jennie Allen brought to me through the words in her book that were so eloquently inspired by You.  Thank you Jesus for people who put themselves out there to be used by you.  May I be one of those people too in my daily walk.

Here’s a link to her book (or get it at your local library, amazon, etc)