I have a grandson.  He’s my first grandson. He was born with a full bi-lateral cleft palate. That means he has a hole in the roof of his mouth and both sides of his lips were not closed. He had his first surgery on November 1st at Shriner’s Hospital in Houston, TX. I can’t be there… I feel horrible that I can’t hold his hand and kiss his face. I feel horrible that I can’t be there with my daughter so that I can support her as she goes through this time of anxiety, watching as the surgeon changes my little grandson’s face by closing up his lips. But, I also feel relief. I know that my grandson is in good hands. The doctors at Shriner’s are top notch and it was a blessing to be accepted into that program in the first place.

My little grand-baby will go through many more surgeries to correct his bite, the hole, and his lips. But, he’s in good hands. He’s in capable hands. He is loved no matter what by his family and most importantly by God. That makes me feel better. All my friends that are praying for him makes me feel better. I cannot imagine a life without knowing that God cares for me and all those who call upon his name.

To my friends and family, thank you for caring enough to bend the knee with me and ask for protection, strength, guidance, and healing for my little grand-son and his mother and father.

Thank You

From my heart to yours…