Why?Experts tell us that we need to understand WHY we do something so that we can better explain it to others.  After all, people want to know why you do what you do… they want the heart and soul behind it. It makes you more relatable to them, not just some cog in the wheel house of life. You have meaning and purpose… a reason to be.

I’ve thought about this and it makes sense. The ‘big why‘ helps give meaning to our existence. It provides us a better way to complete goals because we know why we are striving for said goals.  There are a lot of why’s in our lives. Why we married or didn’t, why we have children or didn’t, why we picked a particular university, a particular place to live or shop, or why we work the jobs that we do.

It’s in this vein that I want to discuss why I do what I do.

All this came about because I was recently asked “why do you help people? Why would you put yourself out there day in and day out…”

My ‘big why’ is simple. It’s because I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I want to solve problems. I want to truly excel in helping people.  I put a lot of effort into being the best I can be and upgrading my skills at every opportunity.  I choose to make a difference in the lives of individual people, one at a time.

I just happen to do all this by helping individual sellers and buyers with one of their largest investments; their homes or commercial properties.  I have many friends/clients and I believe all of them know that I will offer help whenever asked… but if YOU didn’t know, ask me. If I can help you, I certainly will. If I can’t, I may suggest someone else better suited.

Rebecca Yavner, REALTOR® with #eXpRealty. Making Real Estate Transactions Easier For You!

Have a beautiful Friday!

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